Enjoying a hearty meal is all part of a perfect retreat for a weekend getaway in a country setting. Our restaurant offers elegant surroundings with the comforting warmth of a cosy fireplace.

Please note that our restaurant is closed on Mondays.

Tuesday - Friday:        Open from 10:00
Saturday - Sunday:        Open from 09:00

Our Menu

Beetroot soup with coconut milk 35.00
Soup of the day (ask your waiter) 35.00
Light meals  
Green Salad with avo (if in season), tomato and smoked trout 110.00
Green Salad with avo (if in season), tomato and chicken fillet strips 59.00
Toasted chicken and mayo sandwich (home made bread) 59.00
Toasted tuna and mayo sandwich (home made bread) 59.00
Toasted ham and cheese sandwich (home made bread) 79.00
Toasted cheese sandwich (home made bread) 59.00
Served with chips or salad  
Twice baked cheese souffle with salad 69.00
Pasta with tomato or pesto sauce and grated parmesan 65.00
Homemade beef burger (plain) 59.00
Add lettuce, tomato, fried onion  3.00/each
Add cheese 15.00
Served with chips or salad  
Chicken Cordon Bleu 139.00
Beef fillet (200gr) 139.00
Beef goulash 89.00
T-bone steak (500gr)  169.00
Beef fillet stroganoff 139.00
Züri Geschnetzeltes (sliced chicken breast, mushroom, cream) 89.00
Leg of lamb 199.00
Chicken curry 79.00
Peri-peri chicken 139.00
Fish / Seafood  
Prawns (grilled) 169.00
Calamari (grilled) 79.00
Sole (grilled)  149.00
Hake (battered) 89.00
Prawn & Calamari 119.00
Prawn & Ribs 210.00
Peri-Peri Chicken & Prawn 189.00
Peri-Peri Chicken & Calamari 159.00
Peri-Peri Chicken & Ribs 199.00
Ribs & Calamari 159.00
Hake (grilled) & Prawn 119.00
Choose any 2 of the following side dishes  
Chips, ratatouille, potato gratin, rösti, rice, vegetable, salad  
Flammkuchen (pizza dough, sour cream, bacon and onion) 65.00
Margherita (pizza base with tomato sauce and mozzarella) 49.00
Add additional toppings:  
salami, chicken, beef mince, ham, bacon 15.00/each
anchovies, feta cheese, blue cheese  25.00/each
parma ham, tuna 35.00/each
olives, caper, onion, pepper,  mushroom, pinapple, avo, banana 9.00/each
English (fried eggs, bacon, tomato, mushroom) 85.00
Esther’s (scrambled  eggs, smoked trout, grilled tomato) 139.00
Healthy (mixed seasonal fruits with yoghurt) 55.00
Omlette (choose three fillings) 65.00
Bacon, cheese, tomato, fried onions, ham, mushroom, mince  
Served with home made bread, butter, jam and honey  
Croissant plain 19.00
Croissant chocolate 29.00
Dessert / Cake   
Cheese Cake 49.00
Brownie 45.00
Flan Caramel 39.00
Tiramisu 45.00
Chocolate Muffin 45.00
Lemon Ice cream 45.00


You can enjoy delectable breakfasts in the dining room or out on the terrace, overlooking the landscaped gardens, with views of the crisp and clear Magaliesberg mountains in the distance.



Enjoy our country cuisine with a selection of al fresco lunches on the outside terrace or tuck into a delicious pizza, expertly made in our outside pizza oven.


Our seasonal menu features Swiss and Austrian flavours and specialities, using handpicked fresh greens from our own vegetable garden, making every meal a delightful experience.